Arizona Mesh Organization Presents

Adventure Game 2021

An outdoor adventure to test your skills

Tickets are $20 each. Sign up as a team of six and save $20

This event will bring together amateur radio operators from around the valley, challenging your skills of amateur radio, navigation, and puzzle-solving .

The Starting Point

Country Side Park

3130 E Southern Ave

Mesa, AZ 85204

We will start the adventure at the northernmost ramada #11.

The Adventure Games are an escape room-like event that will challenge of your skills in puzzle-solving, amateur radio, and navigation, not to mention a great way to form friendships and improve teamwork. Teams will have to work together to solve several puzzles as they progress through the course. Once the game is over, there will be a mini swap meet, followed by awards.

All participants will receive a W7AMO commemorative keepsake for being some of the first people to participate. Coffee and donuts will be available for purchase before game instruction which starts at 7:30. Teams will be made up of 6 people. You will need to have a VHF/UHF radio, GPS, smartphone, pen, paper, and transportation. You can use almost any GPS, including ones on your phone, as long as you can enter coordinates.

While this game has already been designed we would be interested in understanding all of the technical capabilities you have so we can make our next game more interesting. Please consider providing some feedback.

Let us know if you'll be attending!